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Integrated sustainable wood-steel-glass projects. Mapla offers green building constructions in which the materials are strictly eco- friendly, free from harmful emissions, certified for performance and provenance.





Integrated planning

for sustainable construction

Mapla, Italian company with cutting-edge ideas and technologies, always looking for new possibilities and uses for wood in architecture, operates in the wood construction sector, with solutions both for large wooden structures and for eco-sustainable buildings for public and private use. Specialization, capacity, flexibility are features that allow Mapla to enhance and implement each project, to meet every customer’s needs.

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the design stage

to the realization

Thanks to a team with proven skills gained in over thirty years of presence in the glulam techology and then in the eco friendly building market, Mapla guarantees a project management service that goes from the planning stageup to the realization of the works: the ability to identify the best solutions technical-economic projects and in their engineering, in the production and installation of the works, in the control and in the executive planning, are the result of a continuous search for quality. Furthermore, a complex management activity is carried out on the various “turnkey” projects, relating to structural works, internal building works, plant engineering, finishing up to furnishings. The scope of action ranges from executive design to the realization of all fixed and mobile parts, logistics, installation, testing and after-sales service.

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