Why wood

A wooden house is more or less

than a brick one?

A wooden house offers the same resistance as brick house. There are countless factors that make Mapla timber houses durable: in particular an integrated design including static calculations,a dimension of the energy and acoustic performances, a careful evaluation of the best constructive technological solution to be adopted, the quality of the materials used, which are impervious to the elements, a superior antiseismic strenght, the site execution skills. The degradation of wood can develop only under specific conditions; avoinding thoe, wood is preservd perfectly intact for very long time.

How long does it take for

to build a wooden house?

One of the biggest advantages of a timber house is the speed of construction; once the foundations have been laid, the installation of wooden wall, frame or XLAM, is easy and fast. A Mapla timber hoouse doesn’t requirete down times involved in building of a brick house; this means Mapla can guarantee handover in a matter of weeks, depending on the type of house chosen.

Is it cold in winter

and warm in summer?

No because wood traspires naturally and does not rot, meaning it protects from all external elements, including the weather .
Thanks to their natural insulation qualities combined with thermal inertia and the low thermal conducibility of the wood contribute to the insulation of the building that needs very little energy during cooling in summer and heating in winter.
Mapla timber Houses are thermally insulated so in winter they retain warmth, reducing heating costs, whereas in summer they stay cooler than a normal brick house.

How can a wooden house

be sustainable?

There are a number of factors that make Mapla wooden houses sustainable: wood comes from managed and certified forests that contribute to increasing the world’s woodland assets; woodlands absord carbonic dioxide while the production of the production of the other building materials emits CO2 polluting the atmosphere as well as comsuming non –renewable energy sources; timber house can be easily demolished or refused since wood is recyclable material; timber houses guarantee energy savings and lighting.

And if ther is no

architectural project?

Mapla can provide an architectural solution ,for any need; your project will be realized with our consultants agreeing design, time and costs Either way Mapla will handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. With Mapla you are sure to find the ideal solution for each request, with a preset budget and definite timescales.

Are the legislative terms of wooden houses


In legislative terms, wooden houses are no different from brick houses. Thus they need a planning permission and can only be built on land designated for residential use. Mapla can help its clients to handle the legal and bureaucratic aspects.