Is a wooden house


The structures ca be designed and built in a way that guarantees a high fire resistance. Wood ,contrary to popular belief, as a construction material offers protection against fire, so the fire risk is no bigger than in a brick house. So also a wooden house can have its fireplaces.

How a wooden house reacts

to the heartquake?

Wood is an ideal material for antiseismic constructions and undoubtedly better than brick houses because they are light, strong and, if affected by an heartquake, the strain of the destructive forces by the shock is greatly reduced compared to a traditional construction, providing a greater safe for people who live inside.

Will not a timber house

be destroyed by woodworm?

No because woodworm only attack timber if it contains a certain level of humidity: the dry wood used for Mapla houses isn’t subject to damp and consequently it won’t attract woodwarm. In addition, specific treatments are used to make these buildings achievable anywhere with any climate.

Are the legislative terms

of wooden houses special?

In legislative terms, wooden houses are no different from brick houses. Thus they need a planning permission and can only be built on land designated for residential use. Mapla can help its clients to handle the legal and bureaucratic aspects.